Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All About Me

I exceed the normal height for a female.

I have always been the tallest girl, in my classes and in my family. I am 6'0" and it never fails that someone will ask "Do you play volleyball? basket ball? Are you a swimmer? "

No, I don't actually like to play sports, to watch sports that's fine I love to watch baseball, I am actually uncoordinated when it comes to playing sports. I actually like art, I love to paint, draw, and sew.

I have appreciated art since I was younger, I have always been fascinated by colors, and pictures. Music is another form of art that I enjoy, I like different genres from Classical Jazz to
Electro House music.

I have lived in a small town since I was born I have learned to appreciate nature, and open space. I have learned to love the country but I know where I belong is in urban areas.

I love busy streets, tall buildings, and meeting new and interesting people. I know that the city can inspire and educate people.

I love the city and the country, because I have lived in both areas. My family has always taught me to love nature and land because it is God's creation to be appreciated.

I have been raised in a Christian home since I was born, my family has always instilled strong values in both me and my brother.

I hope to continue to have my values, but now that I am older I have formed my own views, and values that I believe are more applicable to my life today.

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